Is AAA Worth the Cost?

Is AAA Worth the Cost?

I was a AAA hold out for a long time. Why? I'll admit that it was because I was totally and completely cheap. I am a instant gratification kind of person, and if the results weren't immediate, then I had a hard time putting my money into it.

When my boss finally convinced me to invest in the yearly membership, I was skeptical. I basically did it for the long distance towing, but found out it was much more than just a quick tow back home. Roadside assistance included everything from tire changes to a battery charge.

I remember one time my tire was flat and they came put a new tire on. Sure, I had to pay for the tire, but it certainly saved me a lot of time and effort. I once changed a tire in the dead of winter by myself and it was not a happy occurrence.

The other items I use regularly are TripTicks. I have the app for my phone, and it makes traveling so much easier. I don't have to worry about road construction and everything is completely up to date. I can't say the same thing for those online maps or even the Garmin devices. The closest comparable thing is OnStar, but I still like my AAA better.

The yearly fee for the gold membership is definitely worth every penny. If I don't use the tows or the roadside assistance, then the amount of time and money I save using the TripTicks and discounts makes it worthwhile.