AAA Warns of Time Change Weariness

AAA Warns of Time Change Weariness

This weekend we will be setting our clocks ahead and once again our bodies will have to get used to the time change. For many, this won't be that big of a deal, but for others it can lead to serious weariness and feelings of being off kilter.


This spells disaster for the Monday commute and AAA is recommending that everyone plan ahead for weary and tired drivers. A tired driver isn't as alert as he normally would be a split second delay in reaction time could mean an accident or injury.


Many driver's won't even realize anything different because they are waking up at the same time, but they are actually losing an hour of sleep from their normal schedule. It's not that different that jet lag and it's going to take a few weeks to fully get used to how things are different. What this means for you is that you need to be alert not only of your own weariness, but other driver's as well.


A lack of sleep can also lead to shorter tempers and rash decisions, so keep your cool if things do get a little dicey. If you are worried about your own weariness, try going to be an hour earlier than normal and getting a little extra sleep. Your internal clock will still be a little off, but at least you can be more rested.


You might also want to leave a little earlier than normal just to beat the traffic. It can't hurt to be a little early.