AAA, They Are Persistent

AAA, They Are Persistent

I have a lot of friends that also use AAA and occasionally some of them decide not to renew. Some can't afford it, others don't think they'll need and some just forget to renew.


When you leave AAA, the company begins a letter campaign to get you back. It starts out as a barrage of letters reminding you your renewal date is near and to call to make sure your don't lose your coverage. Once the date has passed, then you start getting the renew now because you lost your coverage letters.


These are not you ordinary little envelopes either. They send you everything but the kitchen sink trying to get you to come back.I have friends that are still receiving mail literally years after leaving AAA. They usually get at least 4-5 mailing each year asking them to come back.


I am all for a company going after lapsed members, but the AAA junk mail my friends receive is just ridiculous. They get fake cards, stickers and pamphlets trying to get them to come back into the AAA fold. I guess it's nice to know your wanted, but AAA needs to get a grip. I can only imagine how much money they are spending on going after all these past members.


If they haven't renewed in a year, odds are that pamphlet your sending out isn't going to persuade them. I would never leave AAA, but if I did, getting that much mail would actually turn me off from the company.