AAA: Predicts My Renewal...A Lot

AAA: Predicts My Renewal...A Lot

I am not a big fan of automatic renewal of anything. I like to put my stamp of Ok on it before anything goes through my bank account. In fact, most of the time I simply call and pay things that way I know exactly how much and when things are going to be going through.

This goes for AAA as well. The company would much rather I just go ahead and tell them to take it out every year. In fact, when I get my reminders every few days about my soon to be expired account, I sometimes think about doing it just to save the trees. I’ve been a faithful customer for years and I know this stuff is mostly automated, but it’s still annoying.

Do they really think that I am going to abandon them after all this time. When I call about something be a trip or about a car issue they always bring up my subscription. I always tell them that I’m going to be making the payment, but that doesn’t satisfy them.

I admit that I am a last minute kind of person. I tend to pay everything either the day it is to or just before. I am never late, but I have been known to push it to the very end. That’s why, it’s really annoying to hear from AAA.

I have even asked to have something in my account not to talk about it, but apparently it’s company policy. Maybe, I will skip paying them this year. I can only imagine the repercussions.