AAA as a news source

AAA as a news source

I spent seven years as a reporter writing about everything from winter weather to the State of the Union and everything in-between. Any time we had a story about driving, road conditions or winter preparedness, the one place my editors always wanted me to go to was AAA.

AAA is more than just a service for road emergencies and mapping out your trip. They are an important source of news and information about travel. AAA collects statistics and does studies on driving behavior, crashes, sleeping at the wheel and much much more.

If it involves driving on the road, AAA probably has done a study on it. When I needed information on what drivers should keep in their car for winter, I called AAA. When I needed to know how many people were expected to be on the road for Thanksgiving, I called AAA.

They have collected so much data over the years that they have become the leading source of information on driving. Despite already having so much data,they continue to go after more. This is a smart move for a company that depends on driver subscriptions.

Every time they are in the newspaper or seen on the television, they are being put in front of potential customers. Who wouldn't want to have the world's leading source of information and support for drivers on their speed dial.

While I may not be a reporter any more, I still keep an eye on the AAA website and make sure I have kept up with all the new laws and driving tips. You can't beat AAA for information for drivers.