AAA: Predicts My Renewal...A Lot

I am not a big fan of automatic renewal of anything. I like to put my stamp of Ok on it before anything goes through my bank account. In fact, most of the time I simply call and pay things that way I know exactly how much and when things are going to be going through.

This goes for AAA as well. The company would much rather I just go ahead and tell them to take it out every year. In fact, when I get my reminders every few days about my soon to be expired account, I sometimes think about doing it just to save the trees. I’ve been a faithful customer for years and I know this stuff is mostly automated, but it’s still annoying.

Do they really think that I am going to abandon them after all this time. When I call about something be a trip or about a car issue they always bring up my subscription. I always tell them that I’m going to be making the payment, but that doesn’t satisfy them.

I admit that I am a last minute kind of person. I tend to pay everything either the day it is to or just before. I am never late, but I have been known to push it to the very end. That’s why, it’s really annoying to hear from AAA.

I have even asked to have something in my account not to talk about it, but apparently it’s company policy. Maybe, I will skip paying them this year. I can only imagine the repercussions.

AAA Looking Out For People On St. Patrick’s’ Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest drinking holidays in the country and AAA wants to make sure people are getting home safe. Many AAA chapters are providing their tipsy tow service to members and nonmembers this weekend as a way to curb drinking and driving.

The tipsy tow is brought on many drinking holidays including Super Bowl Sunday. You need only to call the AAA number and they will provide a tow for you from the bar or other establishment to your home. Thousands of people use this service each year and many times will wait hours for the tow truck to arrive.

The tows are provided by authorized AAA contractors and there is often only a few in a given area. They must answer all the calls and take them home, which can take hours. St. Patrick’s Day will bring in about $250 million throughout the U.S. in alcohol sales and given that the holiday is on a Saturday this year, that number could rise.

AAA has been active in providing alternatives to drinking and driving for years both through the tipsy tow service and educational programs and incentives. Hundreds of people die every year because of drunk drivers and major holidays and drinking holidays can cause an increase in those numbers. AAA is a valuable service that provides not only programs, but also valuable information to the media and other areas about drinking and driving. They have become one of the most respected resources for automobile safety.

AAA Warns of Time Change Weariness

This weekend we will be setting our clocks ahead and once again our bodies will have to get used to the time change. For many, this won't be that big of a deal, but for others it can lead to serious weariness and feelings of being off kilter.


This spells disaster for the Monday commute and AAA is recommending that everyone plan ahead for weary and tired drivers. A tired driver isn't as alert as he normally would be a split second delay in reaction time could mean an accident or injury.


Many driver's won't even realize anything different because they are waking up at the same time, but they are actually losing an hour of sleep from their normal schedule. It's not that different that jet lag and it's going to take a few weeks to fully get used to how things are different. What this means for you is that you need to be alert not only of your own weariness, but other driver's as well.


A lack of sleep can also lead to shorter tempers and rash decisions, so keep your cool if things do get a little dicey. If you are worried about your own weariness, try going to be an hour earlier than normal and getting a little extra sleep. Your internal clock will still be a little off, but at least you can be more rested.


You might also want to leave a little earlier than normal just to beat the traffic. It can't hurt to be a little early.

AAA Expects Gas To Hit New Record

It figures that as soon as we start to make an actual recovery from a long recession, some would say depression, that the price of gas starts to skyrocket…again. AAA has announced that gas prices are one again on the rise and that’s it’s not going to end anytime soon.

While gas across the United States is quickly approaching $4 a gallon in some areas, AAA expect it to continue and possible reach new records. Gas prices can reach up $5 a gallon at least before all is said and done.

People who do a lot of traveling or commute to work are going to feel the pinch at the pump. The recent unrest in the Middle East has touched off fears on Wall Street and that’s causing the gas prices to rise. As the issues in the Middle East don’t seem to be settling down anytime soon, it means that they gas prices will continue to rise.

The poorest people are the ones that are going to be hit worst by the gas price increase. People with disposable income will likely invest in more fuel efficient cars or even hybrids. Those without the means will have to live with their gas guzzlers, which are older and more likely to have decreased gas mileage.

It may be a few months before we hit those high numbers and gas may fluctuate a bit, but not enough for it to get back to normal prices. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a good year for tourism.

AAA Important Tool For Gas Prices

How many times have you gone to the pump to get gas only to be shocked by the price. We live in a world where the price of gas fluctuates every day and sometimes every hour. The price of gas different by area, city and even part of town and AAA is one of the few organization that track it.


I have talked before about AAA's ability to collect data on a variety of items and use it to create useful polls and statistics. Being a national organization with contractors in most parts of every state, AAA can easily get information about gas prices. They simply send out an e-mail or phone call to contractors to report in the price of gas. Most contractors and towing companies are part of a gasoline chain.


They can use this to create a map of gasoline prices from a county, state and national level. They can figure out averages and find out where gas prices are highest and lowest. People can then use that information when deciding on gasoline.


If you know that BP gas companies in most states are 10 cents higher per gallon than most others, then you don't have to drive to the other end of time to use them. If you state has the highest gas prices, then you know that you're not the only one getting hammered at the pump. AAA provides an important serivce to its customers, journalists and the general public by tracking and reporting on gas prices.

AAA, They Are Persistent

I have a lot of friends that also use AAA and occasionally some of them decide not to renew. Some can't afford it, others don't think they'll need and some just forget to renew.


When you leave AAA, the company begins a letter campaign to get you back. It starts out as a barrage of letters reminding you your renewal date is near and to call to make sure your don't lose your coverage. Once the date has passed, then you start getting the renew now because you lost your coverage letters.


These are not you ordinary little envelopes either. They send you everything but the kitchen sink trying to get you to come back.I have friends that are still receiving mail literally years after leaving AAA. They usually get at least 4-5 mailing each year asking them to come back.


I am all for a company going after lapsed members, but the AAA junk mail my friends receive is just ridiculous. They get fake cards, stickers and pamphlets trying to get them to come back into the AAA fold. I guess it's nice to know your wanted, but AAA needs to get a grip. I can only imagine how much money they are spending on going after all these past members.


If they haven't renewed in a year, odds are that pamphlet your sending out isn't going to persuade them. I would never leave AAA, but if I did, getting that much mail would actually turn me off from the company.

AAA Responsive to Complaints

While I have never had any problems with AAA or any of their service providers, I know that isn't always the case. There are times when providers just don't perform at their best either because of a bad day or they just don't like AAA jobs.


When you have an unsatisfactory experience with a AAA contractor, you can contact the main number and make a complaint. They follow up and get an idea of what happened and why. If it was just a bad day, then nothing much will come of it and the next time you use that service, the experience will be better. If it is a trend, the AAA is good about investigating and making modifications to make sure their customers get the best service. We are paying for it after all.


They traditionally will ask questions about the specific experiences and if they get several complaints, then they might put them on probation. Those contracts don't last forever and there are plenty of towing companies willing to take over the territory.


If they don't perform up to the standards of the AAA, and those standards are pretty high, then they're out. That's one of the hallmarks of AAA. Their high standards make it imperative that the contractors keep their customers happy and paying those yearly subscriptions. AAA has been around for a long time and they have turned customer satisfaction into an art form. If you want to play with the big dogs, then the contractors better know the best way to fetch their customers.

AAA announces spare tires may be thing of the past

We live in a world where saving money and the environment are two of the biggest priorities we have. New rules dictating fuel economy are meant to ease the burden on drivers and the environment, but they may also make the spare tire go the way of the 8-track, according to AAA.


The federal government released new rules stating that cars must have a fuel economy of more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025. That may be a difficulty for some car companies. While there are plenty of ways to extend mileage through new technology and hybrid drives, the easiest and most cost effective way is to just make the car lighter.


It makes sense. It takes more power to move a heavier object down the road than a lighter one. Less power means less gasoline. So how do you make a car lighter? Simple, start taking things out of it. They can't take out the seats, but that spare tire and temporary donut sure taking up space and a little weight. If you add in the weight of the jack and other parts, well, you get my drift.


According to AAA, the spare tire will likely be the first thing to go and add a few more miles per gallon to an already existing automobile. That may not sound like much, but if you're a car maker, you'll do whatever you can to increase mileage without costing any money. This might be a boon to organizations like AAA whose automotive service includes tire changing. You'll just have to buy the tire when they get there.

AAA Names Five and Four Star Restaurants/ Lodgings

We all know about the great towing and road service of AAA. We know they help with travel arrangements and can get your discounts on hotels and travel. We know they are a trusted news and statistic source for all driving related issues. You can also add food critic to that list as well.

AAA just recently releases their list of five and four restaurants for several cities throughout the United States. These restaurants represent the best of the best in cuisine from gourmet to down home. Odds are you'll pay out the teeth to eat their food, but at least you know it's the best. As you can probably guess, the five star restaurants are the very best with four star not too far behind.

While the restaurants are broken down by region, there are 179 named across the U.S. These restaurants and lodging make up just .3 percent of the more than 59,000 AAA approved and diamond rated establishments in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

In order to even quality, they have to be inspected by one of the AAA full-professional inspectors. AAA inspects and provides rating for more properties than any other business or website out there. I find out more information about AAA everyday and am amazed. AAA is an organization that goes far beyond what I think of their standard business concept. Apparently, AAA has been rating restaurants and hotels since 1937. I guess it all fits with their desire to give people the best information on all things travel.

AAA: Your Travel Agent

We have all seen the commercial on the television with William Shatner for Priceline and the little gnome for Travelocity, but did you know what you can plan your entire trip using AAA. AAA has an online travel agency that can help you out.

Lets start with the discounts. AAA has an enormous amount of discounts on everything from tickets to theme parks to restaurants. Before you head out on your trip, make sure to check them out for great deals.

The hardest part of planning a trip is getting the best deal on flights and hotels. If you go to a large urban area, then you have to deal with potentially dozens of hotels and more than one airport. The AAA travel agency gives you the ability to find the best deals on flight, flight and hotel and, of course, flight, hotel and car.

Why surf the web on all these travel sites that you have no idea who they are or if they are reputable. AAA has been around for every and if you already have a membership, then you know how reliable they are. If you have any problems, then you can call customer service and talk to an actual person. That's a lot more than you would get if you picked one of those other travel sites.

It's easy and you get great deals backed by the reputation of AAA. I chose AAA for my last vacation and it was perfect. They are especially good if you are planning a driving or weekend vacation with lots of stops.